INTERVIEW: Newark Star Ledger


Growing up The Star Ledger (formerly The Newark Star Ledger) was a staple in the homes of my family. I remember my grandmother (Granny) reaching for the Comics section first to help select a number to play from her dream book based on the Dennis the Menace cartoon. lol. For me, I was a skinny brown girl using her finger to trace the words as I read the BOOKS section and dreamt about my chance to be showcased in the largest paper in New Jersey.

That day has come.

This is hometown love and I will always love my hometown. Feeling very happy, very blessed, and very accomplished.

I bet my fam back in Newark was nice and surprised when they flipped through the paper Sunday morning. Ha!

“Conversation with Niobia Bryant” (The Star Ledger) Interviewed by Jacqueline Cutler.

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