The Queen Series


If you are looking forward to the Proud Mary movie starring Taraji (I know I am) or you’re excited about the Cleopatra Jones reboot then my Queen series is worthy of a read. Check out my take on a modern day Foxy Brown solving crimes and whipping a*s! And I have not forgotten part 3, QUEEN’S PAWN, where Queen goes undercover to discover if the supposed heroin overdose death of her neighbor and friend wasn’t murder in disguise.

Stay tuned for more from Queen, her sexy ex Tank, and her crazy tenant Sarge.

For more on the first two book of the series, click here.

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Books2Film: Message from a Mistress by Niobia Bryant

My book, MESSAGE FROM A MISTRESS, written under my real name (Niobia Bryant)  has been adapted to film! I am so excited to see this book, which was loosely based on a 1940s film, come full circle back to being a movie. Love it!

Three wives harboring secrets, have their worlds rocked when they learn one of their husbands is having an affair with their widowed best friend. Through good and bad times, longtime friends Jaime, Renee, Aria and Jessa have shared just about everything. But all hell breaks loose when Jessa sends them a DVD message with a shocking revelation: she’s sleeping with one of their husbands. But, she doesn’t reveal which husband she’s been cheating with and all three wives believe they have reason to worry. Jaime wonders if her own past infidelity drove her man into Jessa’s waiting arms. Renee thinks her busy career opened the door for Jessa to step in and fulfill her wifely duties, and Aria fears her competitive relationship with Jessa pushed her so-called friend to claim the ultimate prize in revenge. The betrayed trio vow to stick together. But before the identity of Jessa’s lover is revealed, each woman’s deepest secrets will be exposed for all to see and they’ll need each other more than ever.


Available May 2nd

Thank you in advance for your pre-orders!


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