Excerpt of Real Wifeys: Get Money. © Reprinted by permission. All rights reserved.


Loyalty is everything to me.

I’m that chick.  The one that is the good friend.  The good listener. The one to have a friend’s back. The type of woman to hold secrets. The one to fight for a friend.  To drive the get away car.  To help hide the gun, the body, and provide an alibi.  That’s me.

But see, that ride or die mess doesn’t get you anywhere but shocked as hell when you find out your friend ain’t checking or repping for you the same way. That she ain’t shit and will never be shit.  That the whole time her phony as a three dollar bill ass been hiding the knife that she would plunge in your back. In my back.   I still couldn’t believe that shit.

I made money for her.

I helped her get her grind together.

I recruited new chicks to dance for her.

I defended her when the other dancers talked shit behind her back.

I called that no good, blond haired, mixed breed bitch a friend.

But no more. No mas. Fuck that.

I hated that bitch with a passion. I hated everything about her from the way she look to the way she moved. I hated that she walked this earth. I hated that she thought she was the best thing God ever created–on some real conceited type shit–but she’s absolutely mistaken. See, after her God made me.  And I’m a bad bitch too. A beautiful, curvy, dark skinned chick who refused to let a redbone make me feel less than. Fuck that.

And if it’s the last thing I do on this earth, I’m going to make her pay.  She will have a mirror moment when she asks her trifling self:  “Why did I fuck a good friend over? Why did I do that shit?” She’s going to regret the day she stabbed me in the back by spreading her legs to my man. I hope the dick was worth to her because it just brought her a fucking enemy.

And I know to really get at her, I have to be about this paper. I need to get this money. I‘ll give it to the bitch. She’s making that money on some real rags to riches shit. I don’t have a choice but to get where she‘s at.  See, I learned in college that water seeks its own level and I know to reach where she at–to really get at her the way I want–I have to step it up.

I can’t rely on his money, his fame, his nothing. Not no more. I have to get my own. It’s time to get money and then get my revenge.  I got plenty of time to get straight. See, revenge is best served up cold and that bitch will never see me coming.

This. Is. War.


Chapter One

Three Months Earlier

From the moment I laid eyes on Make$ at Club Infinity that night, something about that dude just drew me in. Make$ was a Newark, NJ based rapper on the rise whose first album had went gold on the wings of his platinum selling hit single, Get Like Me. But what got me wasn’t just his celebrity, or the fact that I recognized him from his video in mad rotation on MTV and BET,  or his hit record, or being on the cover of magazines, or even his spot posted up in the VIP section of the cub that night. Not even the fact that he sent one of his security guards to invite me past the velvet rope to take a spot next to him.  I’m not gone lie and say I didn’t feel extra special with all those disappointed chicks eyeing and vying to be me in that moment. But even that wasn’t what drew me in to him. It was a vibe or some shit between us when he took off those shades and looked me in my eyes.  I was so gone. Instantly. Right in the club like that old Usher song. For me, it felt like love at first sight in the club.

Even though I was stripper when we met, I wasn’t a hoe–far from it…but when he asked me to leave with him–to be with him–it made me think he felt that craziness between us too.  And I went. I took that nigga’s hand, forgetting about my girls Goldie and More that I came to the club with, forgetting that I didn’t know him or anyone in his huge entourage, forgetting that what I thought was taking a chance on love might’ve been taking a chance on my safety.  He asked. I accepted. My first rapper. My first one night stand. And to me, my first real shot at love.

That was seven months ago and everything about that nigga had me straight fucked up from the jump.  All the emotions I had wrapped up in him–emotions I thought would fade–was stronger than ever. I was in love.  Deeply. Just twenty-four and wide open.


That meant all the power was in his hands. Thing was, that I straight up didn’t know if all the love I gave was equal to the love I was getting from him. There were plenty of times that shit seemed unbalanced as hell. Unfair. Fucked up. See, being the one in a relationship to love the most meant you were the one to get hurt the most too.

A pang crossed my chest that burnt with the fire of a bullet’s graze as I watched everything and nothing outside the window of Fornos of Spain restaurant down in the neck on Ferry Street in Newark.


I shifted my jet black eyes from looking out at the crowded streets to the face of my friend–and ex-boss–Kaeyla Dennis.  “Huh?” I said, thinking as always that her nickname of Goldie suited her with her honey complexion and eyes combined with shoulder length hair highlighted with natural blond streaks that screamed her ass was only half-Black.

Goldie arched a brow as she eyed me. “What the hell you braining on?” she asked, her East Coast accent even heavier than mine.

My years at Rutgers University–before I dropped out–had cleaned my shit up just a little bit.

“I was just wondering what Make$’s ass was up to on that road,” I admitted, picking up my wine goblet to take a sip and feeling the many layers of my lip gloss damn near glue my bottom lip to the glass.

Goldie shook her head, her glossy hair pulled back into a tight asymmetrical reverse French braid that I was already planning to copy. She was the type of chick that made any woman in her company want to elevate their game because she stayed on point. What woman would want to look like a lame ass loser like she was doing them a favor even being in their company?

“If you had stayed on top of your own grind and made your own fuckin’ money you wouldn’t have time to try and stay on top of some dude out there livin’ life while you sittin’ home waitin’ on him,” Goldie said, before picking up her vibrating BlackBerry.

Goldie stayed handling her B.I.

Truth be told, I looked up to the bossy bitch. She wasn’t playing about her grind. I heard her story about that old married man embarrassing her in front of his wife and everybody living in King Court projects when his ass got caught with Goldie. She went from wifey with a dream of marriage to falling the fuck off. HARD.

But she crawled back on her feet.  She went from being a waitress at a 24 hour diner to stripping at Club Naughty on Hawthorne Avenue.  From my janky ass spot as a daytime stripper, I saw her rise to being the headliner of the entire cub. And when she realized the owner-and her lover, Slick Rick–wasn’t cutting her in on a big enough cut of the profits she kissed his ass–big donkey dick and all–to the curb and opened her own strip club in her little ass two bedroom apartment.

Chick was bold as hell for that shit.

I guess me and Missy was shot the fuck out too since we were the first two strippers to become one of “Goldie’s Girls“.  Between doing them weekend shows in her apartment and then Goldie hiring us out for private shows, and parties and shit, the three of us all made serious money.

I can’t front, Goldie taught me shit to make sure we made money. Hell, she schooled all of us on taking our shows beyond straight tits and ass shakes. We put on shows. Created fantasies. Fucked niggas head up. Made them betters lovers to their women because they was dreaming about us the whole time.

Goldie was running the pole game in the Tri-State area and the streets knew it.

That’s why our asses got robbed at gunpoint last month during one of shows.  And to really make shit fucked fucked up, besides robbing everybody in the apartment, they pulled a “Let’s Do it Again” move and made us all strip before they hauled ass.

That was one of the craziest nights of my life…and the last time I stripped. Missy was still doing private shows for Goldie.

Me? I was off the pole. Once me and Make$ got serious he put pressure on me to quit stripping.  I tried like hell to sneak and do it, but no haps. He started accusing me of messing around on him on them nights I told him went I left but I really snuck and went right to shake all my tits and ass in men’s faces. I knew I had to dead that shit …especially when word hit the street about the robbery.

Besides, I got tired of lying to him about it and Goldie got tired of me missing shows. It was him or the pole. So I chose my man over my money.

“So you wouldn’t dead that shit for a man willing to take care of you and give you a better life?” I asked, feeling a little defensive because Goldie’s opinion really mattered to me. Even after I stopped working for her we remained friends.

Goldie leaned back in her chair as she laughed a little–kinda sarcastic and shit.  “I been there and it got me nowhere but with my ass wet and my face cracked when his wife made him choose,” she said.  “Choosing a man would have me still getting fucked and fucked over by Rick. That’s nothing.”

The waitress came and refilled our glasses. I took that moment to send Make$ a text:




Goldie rolled her eyes as she watched me. “That nigga got you sprung,” she teased, smiling even though her eyes were filled with pity for me.

I hated when Make$ was touring. I wasn’t crazy. My man was in the middle of groupie central. Straight pussy patrol. But being on stage is how he made his money–shit, our money–and I didn’t want to knock his hustle. Still, all the wondering about just what his ass was up to when he was out of my sight had me feeing like I was losing my mind sometimes.

I sat my BlackBerry on the table next to the python Gucci hobo Make$ surprised me with just last week. It was just material shit and I’d take one hundred percent of his heart over all the shit he laces me with.

Not that being the wifey of a hip-hop star didn’t mean enjoying a nice shopping spree or being able to open my walk-in closet and pick out clothes that would make most chicks salivate. But there’s shit in the world more important than the latest red bottoms heels or designer labels.  Still, it was a nice surprise.  To me it was more about the gesture than the actual gift. It could’ve been a single rose and I would’ve smelled it every day and tried to water and cut the stem to give it as much as life as I could. And even when it died, I would press the rose in my memory book and keep it for the rest of my life.

Like I said, I loved that ninja.


I looked down at my vibrating BlackBerry.  I couldn’t lie. I felt mad disappointed that it wasn’t my man, my heart, my love, Make$, calling.

Not really in the mood to yap it up with my cousin Eve, I let the phone go to voicemail.  That chick was all about her three G’s: gambling gossiping and going shopping. I was enjoying my wine and dine with Goldie, and even if I wasn’t, sitting on the phone talking, how much she won at bingo, cute clothes, or rumors about this one and that one was irrelevant to me.

Not like my heart.

That was mad important.

“So there is no one you would risk it all for?” I asked.

Goldie pushed back her chair and crossed her legs in the distressed denims she wore with a pair of navy suede heels that perfectly matched the color of the jean.  I didn’t need to see the bottom to know they were red-lacquered.  “Honestly, I was really feein’ this dude I was in business with dude named Has. Fine motherfucka. Dreads. Tall. Dark. Swagger. Nigga was on ten for real.  But…I’m glad I followed my head and not my clit because a few months later that nigga got caught up in a fed raid and I’m not the prison wifey type, you know? Writing letters, putting pussy on lock, sending care packages and putting my hard earned money on his books and shit? Nah, I‘ll pass.”

She picked up her cell phone and scrolled through it with her  thumb before she pushed the Blackberry across the table at me.  I turned it around and looked down at the photo of a dude with long, neat and slender dreads. The picture wasn’t that clear but there was no denying that this tall man posted up outside a corner store was hella fine.  I pushed the BlackBerry back at her.

“It’s blurry ‘cause I snuck and took a picture of him when he wasn’t looking and he moved,” she said, looking down at the picture. The look she made, twisting up her mouth, and waving her hand to fan herself made me laugh.

“But…I still think about what if,” she admitted, picking up the billfold their waitress sat on the table.  “I just know that nigga can do a serious fuckdown. He walk like he gotta keep his thighs open ‘cause his dick swinging. You know? One of them dangerous dicks.”

Their waitress smiled as she began to clear their plates.

Goldie winked up at her as she slid a folded fifty dollar bill into the woman’s slender hand. “That’s your tip. I don’t care what they say you don’t split your shit,” she said with a “so there” look.

I gathered up my bag, keys and BlackBerry as the waitress thanked Goldie. She always tipped heavy–probably remembering her days on her feet at Dino’s.

“Did Make$ talk to you about Goldie’s Girls dancing for him?” Goldie asked as she slid on a par of oversized shades on as we left the restaurant.

My steps faltered and I flashed back to my birthday party last month.  I walked outside to find Goldie and Make$ talking alone.  That shit had fucked with my head and had me feeling some kind of way for a sec, like “what’s up with this shit”. I couldn’t help it, Goldie was the type of chick you imagined every man wanted.

I questioned Make$ later that night but he got me straight that a red bone, half-breed chick like Goldie wasn’t his type. He liked that deep chocolate he found all over me. And that night I fucked and sucked him extra hard just in case he forgot the quality of pussy he had at home.

“When did that go down?” I asked as we strutted in our stilettos to our cars.  A spring breeze pressed our clothes against our bodies and these two white guys–probably Portuguese–took in the free show.

We both deactivated our alarms. Boo-doop. Hers a convertible cherry red Lexus and I was whipping Make$’s shiny black Jaguar XF while he was out of town.

Goldie tossed her oversized clutch onto the passenger seat before looking at me over her shoulder, her shades still in place and shielding her eyes.  “His management heard about the shows and didn’t even realize that me and Make$ met through you,” she said with ease. “He made an offer and the money was too good to turn down. Fuck that.”

I nodded like I understood even though my mind was racing as I opened the door to the Jag.  “Good thing I quit working for you, huh?” I said. “I don’t think Make$ want his girl up on stage like that.”

Goldie shrugged.  “You good?” she asked, still looking at me.

I knew damn well she wasn’t checking if I was full from my meal of garlic shrimp and yellow rice. Before I could answer her truthfully I had to do a little gut check for myself.  Did I want my friends to dance for my man? Dancing on stage wasn’t stripping but I know damn well, Make$‘s manager, Chill Will, wasn’t hiring Goldie and the crew because they could Dougie they ass off.

I had to remember that Goldie didn’t want Make$.  I couldn’t even see them together, plus she could be my eyes and have my back to make sure my man wasn’t on a straight pussy mission when he was away.  “I’m real good,” I assured her, feeling my worries drift away.

Goldie nodded before she slid into her Lexus and drove away with a brief toot of her horn.

It wasn’t until I was behind the wheel of the Jag sitting at one of the million lights along the stretch of the Ironbound section that it hit me.  Make$ didn’t even bother to ask me if I wanted my friends dancing for him or to answer my text…

# # #

# # #

A horn blared behind me and I cut my eyes to the rearview mirror to see some big dude in a  SUV behind me. I shifted my eyes back ahead to the green traffic light before I pulled off, deciding he wasn’t worth me even flipping his swollen neck ass the bird.

Besides, wasn’t no need taking my mess and stress out on some nondescript Negro. Wasn’t his fault that there was anything I’d rather do than drive to our two bedroom apartment in the Twelve50 luxury apartments. Wasn’t his fault that there wasn’t shit waiting for me but another lonely ass night.

The towering street lights lining the downtown Newark street flickered on as the sun faded.  The sidewalks were filled with people finishing up their shopping and rushing to their cars or waiting on corner bus stops for whatever bus got them closer to home.  Newark was a smaller version of New York with just as big a heart.

As I drove the Jag into the parking garage next door to the regal looking high-rise we called home, I picked up my BlackBerry and called Make$’s phone, knowing even as I dialed his number that I was wasting my time.

“I’m somewhere making money. No time to talk. Get at me.”

“Terrence,  this Luscious,” I began, meaning to use his given name to make sure this Negro knew I was testy as hell as I climbed out of the car with my bag in my hand and popped the trunk. I grabbed the glossy shopping bags from my mini-shopping spree at my favorite boutique in Montclair.  Soon the heels of my five inch sandals clicked against the hard concrete as I left the parking structure.

I made my way into the towering apartment building with the phone pressed to my face with the same urgency I felt to talk to him.  “Yo, I haven’t talked to you all day. This shit is damn bananas. You know? I can see not answering when you practicing or performing but that shit is not all day, Terrence, so why you playing? Why you keep acting fucked up and shady when you touring–”

As I noticed the concierge stare openly in my face from his spot behind a large and grand wooden station in the middle of the grand lobby, I bit back the rest of my words and gave him a polite smile. The Twelve50 was a long way from the apartments in the other wards across the city–in more than just distance.  It was a stylish building for young up and coming professionals in downtown Newark.  Our neighbors were young attorneys, businessmen, and local politicians.  I knew I couldn’t put my nigger on in front of these bougie folks.  I pressed a glossy thumb nail to the PDA to end the call. Hell with it.  I was just parroting the other twenty messages I left since my Goldie and I parted ways at the restaurant. I felt like a fiend chasing a fix.

Wishing I was there.  Feeling out of control. Thinking all kinds of crazy shit.

Truth be told. Sometimes it felt like I was losing my mind worrying about what he was up to. I loved that nigga. We was a team out there. I had his back and there wasn’t a damn thing I wouldn’t–or haven’t– done for or to him.  Nothing.

Truth was I didn’t know if he was holding me down with the same ferocity….or loyalty.

“Welcome home, Miss Jordan.”

I pushed my sixteen inch jet black weave behind my ear as I nodded my head in greeting the uniformed concierge and kept it moving across the polished floors to the elevator lobby. It was hard to ignore the sophisticated beauty of the décor.  Twelve50 wasn’t shit like the Pavilion over on Martin Luther King Boulevard where I had a shitty studio apartment that was smaller than Goldie’s living room in the low-rise projects where we used to strip on the weekends.

The Twelve50 had twenty-four hour doorman and concierge service, a state-of-the-art health club with locker rooms and saunas, six-lane bowling alley, indoor basketball court and an entertainment room complete with flat screen televisions.

Not bad for Newark. Not bad at all.

Now I wasn’t crazy.  I knew the building wasn’t touching the high life of those luxury apartments on New York’s Upper East Side.  Far from it. Our rent was twenty five hundred, not twenty five thousand. Still…I was happy to leave that studio apartment on MLK behind when we moved in two weeks ago.

As soon as I walked into our spacious two bedroom apartment I immediately felt at home.  The interior designer we hired took Make$‘s need for dark leather and my love of soft neutrals to create a spot for us that was stylish and comfortable. I kicked off my heels and padded barefoot from the foyer. I stopped just long enough in the gourmet kitchen to set my hobo on the granite countertop and to pour a goblet of premium Moscato before moving into the spacious living room.  The row of windows offered up views of the city landscape. Being on the thirty first floor had us looking down at the city that raised us.

Humph, he moved me up like George did Weezy but as beautiful as our apartment was, the loneliness I felt? There wasn’t a damn thing pretty about that.

I let out this pitiful ass sigh into my glass, feeling sick and tired of my damn self.

Brrrnnnngggg …. Brrrnnnggg… Brrrnnnggg…

I took another sip of my wine and looked over my shoulder at the ringing cordless phone.  Sitting the goblet on the windowsill, I made my way across the hardwood floors to pick it up.  It was the doorman.


“Uhm…Mrs. Peaches and guests are here,” he said.

I rolled her eyes heavenward.  “Okay, thank you,”I said, even as a fire fueled by irritation burned my stomach.

Peaches and them was Make$’s mother and three sisters. All of them bitches had issues that kept them hopping on my last damn nerve.   Lonely as I was, them hood hoes was company I could do without.

“Shit,“ I swore, fighting the urge to block the front door with our sectional.

Instead I rushed around the apartment and grabbed up my purse and any random bills or personal items we had laying around, including Make$’s stash of weed. Coke, and pills from the huge wooden box on the oversized ottoman in the center of living room.  As far as I knew she smoked weed and got fucked up on the regular, but our apartment was not going to be her cop spot.   I carried everything into our bedroom and set it on the middle of the bed, not taking time to notice the plush linen and décor–more of the stylish work of their designer out of Maplewood.

I locked the door–and double-checked that it was a hundred percent secured–before I headed back to the living room just as someone banged on the door like they was the police enforcing a damn search warrant.

“You better not be in there fucking some other dude in my son’s crib,” Peaches yelled through the door before going at it with her fist again as she laughed like the straight up fool she was.


She probably was scaring the hell out my neighbors on the floor. They already side-eyed me and Make$ like we were not be trusted.

“Dumb bitch,“ I mutter under my breath before I put on a big fake ass grin and opened the door with my keys still in my hand.

My eyes widened at the sight of Make$’s mother. It was amazing that after seven months this crazy bitch could still shock me with her ways.  “What’s up, Peaches?” I said, fighting hard not to stare at her four foot petite frame in skin tight jeans and a flashy gold strapless bra underneath a black sheer tank with thigh high suede boots that it was entirely too hot for.

“Whaddup,” she said, heading past me and straight for the kitchen.

Looking like a fucking dancehall reject or some shit. There was many things Peaches’ ass was wrong for–like having Make$ when she was just thirteen–but the top two errors was her thinking she had style and class. Coming from me –a college drop-out, ex-stripper, without job the first–that was saying just how low the chick could go.

His twenty year-old twin sisters, Heaven and Earth strolled in next, smelling of too much body oils of knock-off perfume and dressed from head to toe in matching Baby Phat like their ass owned stock in the company.  One was on her cell phone, motioning with her neck and finger like the bitch was having a seizure.

“Girl, I told him if he wanted me to do that to him and for me to let him do that to me then it was going to take more than a trip to Dr. Jays and some appetizers from Applebees! What-what?” she said, before turning to high five her twin like she just gave an uplifting speech instead of revealing she was a trick. And a cheap trick at that.

I sighed on the inside as I pushed the door closed, wishing these hoes was on the other side.  This bullshit right here could turn into an all night affair of me entertaining they ass–at my cost.  In their eyes this was Make$’s house and if they felt like chilling enjoying the 3D flat screen and all the other luxuries then in the words of Sheree from Real Housewives of Atlanta: “Who gone check them boo?”

I eyed them already kicking off they rubber bottomed, pleather shoes. “What y’all doing on this side of town–”

The door wouldn’t close and I turned with a frown. But that shit dropped for my face quick as hell at the sight of Make$ standing there with a big grin on his thin face, his usual toothpick in the corner of his mouth.  My eyes took this nigga–my nigga–all in as I smiled like a cat getting stroked.

He was about thirty shades lighter than me–all light bright fine and shit, but his tat addiction had him covered all on his neck, arms, and chest.  He was just my height and slender and I loved to see him naked and grinding above all my thickness.

As I stepped into his arms, removed his shades, and kissed him like I hadn’t seen his little sexy ass in months instead of days, I thoroughly blocked out the sight of his entourage piled up in the hallway behind him or his mother clapping and carrying on about tricking me. I didn’t give a fuck about none of that or none of them as I gently sucked his tongue into my mouth, tasting his liquor, weed, and cigarettes.

My man was home and it was water for my thirst.

His hands came down to grab my thighs before moving up under my skirt to grab my ass in the silk thong I wore.  I felt his dick get hard against my stomach as my clit tingled.

“Put her dress down I don’t need to see all that black ass,” Peaches said with attitude from behind us.

“Fuck them,” he whispered into my mouth, reaching down to grab my hand. “Come give me my pussy.”

I licked my lips and pressed my face against his chest as he led me to our bedroom. It’s been like this since our first night.  When it was on, it didn’t matter where and we didn’t give a fuck about nobody. Fuck it, enjoy the show, you know?

“Y’all so fucking nasty,” Peaches called behind us, just seconds before the front door shut and the sounds of more voices and loud music suddenly filled the air.

Fuck her. I was about to fuck the hell out of her son. 

Make$ pressed my back against the closed door and tore the top of my dress.  He lifted up his diamond pendant of the world and unscrewed it to dust my nipples with the  cocaine hidden inside of it.  I didn’t give a fuck that he just ruined a four hundred dollar dress.  I felt a thrill as my nipples went numb from the powder. He circled the nipple with his tongue before sucking it between his moist lips.  My pussy just got wetter. The nigga’s tongue game was BANANAS and better than his dick game. He sucked. I fucked. We balanced each other to make sure our ish wasn’t bullshit. You know?

“Yes. Yes,” I moaned, arching my back as I pressed my hands to the back of his head as he snorted more of the coke off my chest.

“Huh, baby. Get on this shit with me,” Make$ said, the coke already making his tongue sound thick in his mouth.

I opened my eyes to look at him as he sucked the tip of his finger and then dipped it inside the world like a mini-bowl of FunDip or some shit.  He pressed the coated finger to my mouth.

I didn’t like him getting high and when he wasn’t on that powder I always talked to him about slowing down.  But when he offered me some of his world I took it.  He said getting high together while we fucked gave him something to look forward to if he was going to stop doing it all together.

“I love the hell out of you, Make$,” I whispered to him before I unrolled my tongue and licked the coke from his finger. I made sure not to hit a lot of it. I wasn’t trying to get hooked and the shit just made me feel nervous. I didn’t like it and I damn sure didn’t plan to love it.

Make$ reached one hand down behind me and turned the knob. He lifted his head and looked at me.  “It’s locked,” he said with a little smirk of his lips.

“You know how your Mama go,” I said, looking at him through lids heavy with wanting his dick inside of me.

He laughed and nodded.  “Good looking out, baby,” he said, before kissing my lips again.

I turned in the small space between his body and the door, wiggling my ass against his hard dick as I tried to make room to unlock the door.

“Man, fuck it,” he said his lips pressed against my shoulder.

The sound of his belt and pants dropping soon filled the air along with his crew partying it up in our living room.  He brought one hand around to finger my wet and swollen clit in circles that made me cry out against the door.  He backed away from me. I looked over my shoulder as he fell back against the wall of the hallway his dick hard and hanging from his body.  “Back that ass up on this dick, girl,” Make$ said, closing the diamond pendant.

“Sit on the floor,” I told him, pulling off my thong and hitching my dress up around my hips. “I wanna ride that dick, baby.”

Make$ dropped to the floor and I squatted to ease my pussy down onto his dick. He sucked away at my exposed titties as I worked my hips, bringing my clit against the base of his dick. His shit wasn’t itty-bitty but it wasn’t no where near an eleven inch beast. But we were straight.  Like I said. He sucked. I fucked. I always came faster when I got on top.

“You know I had to come home and celebrate with my wifey,” Make$ said, leaning his head back against the wall.

Needing the feel  of his hot mouth and tongue on my nipples to push me over the edge to a nut, I guided his mouth right back to my jiggling breasts as I enjoyed the feel of my clit being stroked.

“Celebrate what?” I finally asked, panting for breath as I felt the pressure building deep in my pussy.

“We booked for shows all summer long and I got a meeting with Platinum Records in the morning, “ he said, before grabbing my breasts and licking away at both nipples at once.

I fucked him harder even as disappointment nipped at me.

Not even free-falling through a high intensified by an explosive nut could erase that a major deal moving him over to Platinum Records meant going back into the studio to work on his sophomore release. More money. More fame. More lonely nights…for me.